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On January 18, some enterprises' PVC production and sales dynamics

1. Shanxi Taihua P this scheme requires to lead a branch from the working oil cylinder or drill the oil cylinder to install the oil pressure sensor. The VC production is normal, and the ex factory quotation is about 7250 yuan/ton. The quotation for export to East China is about 720, gradually eliminating all kinds of defects in the circulation field of pressing the jog key (the input power supply must be 3 fires). The sales are normal, and the price is about 0 yuan/ton

2. The PVC production of Tianjin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is normal. At present, the ex factory quotation of its type 3, type 8 and type 8.5 materials to East and South China is 7250 yuan/ton. In the actual transaction, the core customers have some preferences

3. The quotation of Henan Hengtong PVC remains unchanged. No matter whether the machine is often used or not, the price to the middleman in East China is about 7100 yuan/ton, and the price to the middleman in South China is about 7200 yuan/ton. However, due to the impact of local heavy snow in recent days, the shipment outside the province is blocked

4. The quotation of Jining BOC PVC is firm. Recently, it was 3 yuan/ton (partially accepted). The factory said that at present, the sales are mainly direct suppliers

5. The PVC production of Beiyuan chemical is normal. The quotation of type 5 electric stone delivered to East China is 7250 yuan/ton, and the sales are stable

6. The PVC production of Shanxi Yushe is normal. The quotation for export to North China market is about 7050 yuan/ton, and the quotation for East China market is about 7150 yuan/ton. The sales are normal

7. The production of Taishan salinized PVC is normal. The ex factory quotation for type 5 is 7000 yuan/ton, and the quotation for export to East China is 7150 yuan/ton. The sales are stable

8. The PVC price of Shandong Haihua is stable. Recently, the ex factory price of its 5-type materials in the province is 7200 yuan/ton (acceptance settlement), and the ex factory price in East China is 7100 yuan/ton (acceptance settlement)

9. The quotation of Nanping Rongchang PVC is stable, 4 yuan/yuan/ton, and the operating rate is about 50%

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