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Plastic Market Forecast on January 16

although the United States and China formally signed the first stage trade agreement and the U.S. crude oil inventory decreased, the U.S. refined oil inventory increased significantly and the international oil price fell again on January 15. WTI crude oil futures in February fell by US $0.42, or 0.7%, and settled at US $57.81 per barrel. Brent crude oil futures in March fell by US $0.49, or 0.8%, to settle at US $64 per barrel

[Market Overview and forecast]

● PE market: yesterday, the market showed a steady downward trend. Linear futures fell, merchants' shipments were not smooth, some offers moved down, and sporadic transactions were made in the spot market. The atmosphere was light. As the Spring Festival approaches, the buyers and sellers of the market leave the market one after another. Most of the people who have not yet left the market do not love the market and are generally doing the final work. Quotation reference: the offer in Lanzhou market was slightly loose, and Lanhua 7042 was quoted at 7350 yuan/ton; Guangzhou market price was sorted out, and Maoming reported 2426k yuan/ton; Changzhou market quotation is sorted out, and Yangzi 5000S is quoted at 7950 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be weak and stable today

● PP Market: yesterday's market was dominated by shock consolidation. Polypropylene futures fell in a wide range, exerting pressure. The merchants in the floor were cautious in operation, and some of the firm offers continued to yield profits, mainly reducing inventory. Downstream factories have been shut down for holidays, with limited demand for goods preparation and light terminal delivery. Quotation reference: Shenyang market quotation is stable, Daqing Refining & Chemical T30S is quoted at 7550 yuan/ton; Shunde market was slightly sorted out, and Hainan v30g reported 7450 yuan/ton; Panjin market showed a steady decline, and Fushun l5e89 reported 7550 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market is weak

● PVC Market: yesterday, the market price decreased steadily by 50 yuan/ton. The spot trading volume in the market continued to shrink, and traders also had holidays one after another. In the downstream, except for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have more holidays and work stoppages, and the demand continues to fade. Market reference: the Changzhou market has been reduced by a narrow margin. At present, the mainstream of type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton; Weak market consolidation in Hangzhou, Beiyuan/Tianye 5 yuan/ton; Shantou's market quotation remained stable, and the sales volume of 1000 in the big sale was not up to 7150 yuan, most of which were owned by a large flexible packaging manufacturer who did not want to be named publicly

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be weak today

● PS Market: yesterday, the market was mainly stable, and some rose slightly, with an increase of yuan/ton. There are many oversold ordinary materials. In addition, CITIC Guoan and Lu'an Qingfeng devices may stop or drop. At present, the supply of goods in the market is tight, and the merchants are reluctant to sell. Some of the focus has risen, and the actual order turnover is small. Market reference: Yuyao market trend is stable, saibaolong reported 525 yuan/ton, and the goods are tight; The quotation of Dongguan market is stable and small, and the price of guang525 is 8280 yuan/ton; Shantou market price was adjusted in a narrow range, and skg-118 was quoted at 8460 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be slightly adjusted

● ABS market: yesterday, the market was generally stable, with some small drops. Although the ex factory quotation of petrochemicals is stable, and the cost is still supported by the spot market, with the departure of downstream factories, the inquiry price is reduced, and the supply of some goods is expected to be in years, and the price continues to be deadlocked. Quotation reference: the quotation of Dongguan market was sorted out individually, and the price of 757 fell by 20 yuan to 11700 yuan/ton; The quotation in Ningbo market was basically stable, 121h Yongxing reported 12300 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be quietly consolidated today

● PET bottle chip Market: yesterday, the market price focus remained stable. PTA of polyester raw material went down, and the cost support was weak. The offer of bottle chip manufacturers was individually reduced by 50 yuan/ton. As the Spring Festival approaches, the intermediary business continues to have holidays, the downstream operating rate is gradually declining, the demand is nearing the end, the procurement is almost stagnant, and the market atmosphere is cold. Market reference: reference of water bottle materials in East China market; Reference self delivery of water bottle materials in South China market; Water bottle materials in North China market are provided by reference

Dalian Rongke has built an annual 300MW all vanadium flow battery system production line

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be weak and adjusted today

● pet waste recycling market: yesterday, the distribution and transportation market was running smoothly. The range consolidation of the new material market has limited impact on the renewable market. The shortage of raw materials has become a normal situation. Some cleaning plants are about to shut down, and the shortage of recycled bottles and chips in the site is maintained. The chemical fiber plant began to stop receiving some materials, with general external procurement demand, poor overall enthusiasm and light market transactions. Market reference: the imitation Dahua white film in East China market is about 5250 yuan/ton, excluding tax

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market price will be mainly stable

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