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Tatami decoration is quite exotic and exotic for China's family decoration style. It is this exotic charm that makes many young consumers very fond of tatami decoration and room decoration style at present. As we all know, tatami decoration originated from the Han Dynasty in China. After years of improvement and development, it began to be gradually used in Japan. Until now, most Japanese families are using tatami as the main decoration style of their families, which has a unique charm and elegance. So how can we make tatami more charming when we decorate it? Wuhan home improvement network Xiaobian tells you some useful tips

1: tatami is generally made of natural materials in light colors. You can choose cushion fabrics, lifting platforms, decorations, etc. with similar colors, materials and styles, which can make the overall space look very harmonious. Adding some fresh and natural decorations in the overall color of the space, such as vases, pictures, etc., can play a good decorative role

second, most decoration styles tend to be close to natural colors. Therefore, in the selection of tatami materials, light colored wood, bamboo branches, straw mats and other natural materials are mainly used, combining the living environment with the natural atmosphere. The color is mainly plain and elegant, such as beige and white, with a fresh and elegant style. The choice of furniture due to space problems, so try to reduce the use of furniture, highlight the simple living style, and the patterns are mostly flowers, bamboo forests, birds and other natural elements. In recent years, with the development of the industry, the improved tatami has been widely welcomed. In addition to the traditional floor design and the use of lifting tables, it also inherits the storage function of tatami, and also continues the simple and elegant style of Japanese tatami in terms of decoration style




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