Spring in March, love like tide, two couples dryin

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In March, the scenery is picturesque and love is like a tide. In such a happy and comfortable day, let's take a look at the decoration of others. The two couples, with different living environments and economic bases, choose different decoration methods and styles. What remains unchanged is their deep love for home

case - family satisfaction の four bedroom and two hall mixed home

after living in the reinforced concrete in the city for a long time, they forget how to enjoy life. They all say that home is a warm harbor. In addition to the emotional companionship of family, this warmth seems to need to be built by themselves

after buying the house, the most annoying thing is the decoration. In the hard decoration stage, I supervise the work all the way, and the construction site runs with my home and unit. In the later stage, the soft decoration of the home is decided by LP first. It's actually good to match. My home is 180 square, with four bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. Send the pictures first to share with you

in a word: decoration is a tiring job, but happiness and happiness are accumulating every minute

1. The first living room. The calm and atmospheric design of the living room shows the taste of the wife

2. This is our living room! I like LP's layout very much. I'm so good at housekeeping





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