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I don't need to say more about the harm of formaldehyde, do I? Now we are paying more and more attention to health. In order to reduce the harm of formaldehyde, many families begin to choose non-toxic and safe environmental protection materials when decorating

the harm of formaldehyde doesn't need me to say more

now we are paying more and more attention to health

in order to reduce the harm of formaldehyde

many families begin to choose non-toxic and safe environmental protection materials when decorating

so what are non-toxic and environmental protection materials

it does not contain any harmful chemical components, and there is no glue on the wall technology

it is diatom mud

diatom mud

diatom mud is an interior wall environmental protection decorative wall material with diatomite as the main raw material, which has the functions of formaldehyde elimination, air purification, humidity regulation, fire prevention and flame retardance, wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization. Because diatom mud is healthy and environmentally friendly, it is not only decorative, but also functional. It is a new generation of indoor environmental protection materials to replace wallpaper and latex paint


the price difference of diatom mud is very large, basically ranging from 80-1000 yuan/square meter. The price mainly depends on the difference of its raw materials and the difficulty of manual technology. The diatomite content of raw materials is one of the important factors determining its price. In addition, diatom mud texture patterns are handmade, and different patterns make their difficulty coefficients different, which will cause its construction time to be longer and the price to be higher


at present, the diatom mud on sale includes aqueous diatom mud and dry powder diatom mud. The aqueous diatom mud is grinded into small particles from large particles for many times, which will damage its own structure during grinding. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy Lianglong dry powder diatom mud

Lianglong diatom mud brand

recently, some unscrupulous vendors deceived consumers with the slogan of "fake one pays ten", using putty powder + a small amount of diatomite to pretend to be natural environment-friendly diatom mud. A consumer in Guangdong was deceived to claim 100000, and chose Lianglong diatom mud for new decoration on the spot

characteristics of Lianglong diatom mud:

① general diatom mud walls can only absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances, while the unique "love No. 1" of Lianglong brand can also decompose formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so as to achieve real environmental protection and no pollution

② the special material of diatom mud can meet the wall design of different needs, so from the perspective of design, diatom mud is very popular. This house has more styles of diatom mud than others

③ face consumers and follow the route of "high-end brand, mid-range price", so that consumers can enjoy high cost performance. With its comprehensive advantages of environmental protection, decoration and functionality, the future development prospect of Lianglong diatom mud is immeasurable

how to identify diatom mud fake by putty powder

how to distinguish between true and false diatom mud

1. Touch with your hand: touch the wall of diatom mud to see if there is any powdery object falling off

2. Sprinkle with water: diatom mud has strong water absorption and will not form a water column to flow down after sprinkled with water. Businesses can concentrate on one point to spray water, and then rub it hard with their hands to see if it will fade

3. Spray with fire: diatom mud has the characteristics of fire prevention and fire retardation. You can spray alcohol on the wall and light it with fire. There is no black smoke and peculiar smell in the whole process. There is no flame retardancy when mixed with putty powder

4. The best way to identify the performance is to ask the salesperson for the test report of the product. There is a report on the limit of harmful substances, which will test formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and heavy metals. Good diatom mud. The test results of these items should be "not detected". If there is no test report, or the results of the test report have some pollution, it is recommended not to buy

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