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Wuxi solid wood furniture brand manufacturer customized furniture consulting [qq296290156, Tel 15618392878]

now the solid wood furniture market is developing rapidly. Solid wood furniture is undoubtedly the best choice for families who advocate the decoration style of returning to nature. It is not only gorgeous in appearance, exquisite in carving, but also diverse in style

in the purchase of solid wood furniture, quality comes first, and the quality of the process directly affects the service life of the furniture. Therefore, we must choose the wood well and find the right manufacturer; The collocation must be coordinated with the bedroom, close to the furniture and ground tone, but in contrast to the wall color, so as to better create a sense of spatial hierarchy

Wuxi solid wood furniture is preferred by Youdao wood industry, which is green and environment-friendly. It is sold directly by the manufacturer. It has exquisite workmanship and novel shape. Welcome to inquire

Youdao pure wood has rich manufacturing experience in the log products industry. The company strictly abides by the international quality management standards of wb-t 1024-2006 and iso:14000, and has introduced many advanced production equipment from Italy, Taiwan and other countries in the world, as well as a group of outstanding R & D and senior management talents and professional technicians. It has established an advanced management mode and standardized production process

our advantages:

first, the manufacturer has a complete range of direct sales products

our solid wood furniture is all made of natural logs from the forest, and is produced and processed through front-line projects such as drying, blanking, polishing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, polishing, painting, etc. Complete varieties: whole wood home decoration supporting wooden doors, stairs, wall panels, wardrobes, cabinets, TV backgrounds, etc.

Second, price advantage

we are the manufacturer's direct sales, without any intermediate links

we are the manufacturer's delivery and installation, without any delay in the construction period

we are the manufacturer's after-sales service, without any worries at home

Third, quality advantage

our wooden doors from raw materials to processing technology, quality standards, Service standards are industry-leading, chairman unit of wood industry association

IV. free policy

free measurement, free delivery, free plank building, free installation, free maintenance, lifelong warranty


address: No. 18, Dongqi Road, Chang'an Town, Wuxi City

manager Liu: 15618392878

official website: http://www.youdaomy.com

corrosion, no cracks, thermal insulation and other characteristics. Most of the selected precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut, teak, etc. the processed finished door has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks and heat insulation. It is scientifically processed through drying, blanking, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, grinding, painting and other processes

the solid wood door takes the original Wuxi customized overall wardrobe price wood as the main material to make the door core, which is dried, then cut, polished,

solid wood double door

solid wood double door price of Wuxi customized overall wardrobe




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